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Surface Grinding Machine



Surface Grinding Machine with Electromagnetic Chuck



• This Surface Grinding Machine is available with powerful electromagnet.
• Magnetic Bed is movable from 0 to 90 degrees (Grinding Angles.)
• Heavy machine bed.
• Complete with electricals & electric motors.
• Two no. of 3 phase motors.
• One Coolant Pump and other electricals are standard make.
• Smooth inner area for good cooling, water drainage and easy cleaning.
• Grinding head available with 6 or 8 grinding stones or as per requirements.
• Rectifier is standard make.


• Used for sharpening guillotine paper cutting knives.
• Used for sharpening metal shear knives.
• Suitable for Leather Industry.
• Suitable for Automobile Industry.
• Suitable for Hand Tools Industry.
• Suitable for Plastic Industry.
• Suitable for Plyboard and Wood Industries.
• Suitable for Cardboard Industry.
• Suitable for Paper and Pulp Mills.
• Suitable for Printing, Packaging & Allied Industries.
• Suitable for Tobacco Industry.
• Suitable for Matchbox Industry.
• Suitable for Tyre Re-cycling Industry.
• Suitable for Rubber Industry.
• Suitable for Textile Industry.



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